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Sep 29, 2017

Enormous gratitude to the Mountainfilm team who honored Search and Rescue (follow up to 50 Feet from Syria) with a Commitment Grant. We were singing their praises as the pre-eminent social justice non-fiction festival in North America before. Now? Speechless. Link to announcement here.

Aug 31, 2017

Skye Fitzgerald (Dir. 50 Feet from Syria) is inducted as honorary member of SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society).

Aug 31, 2017

Skye Fitzgerald's '50 Feet from Syria' continues to deepen it's North American footprint with continued streaming on NETFLIX (US) and CRAVE TV (Canada). The film is also available in North America via our educational distributor Cinema Guild (

Apr 01, 2017

Skye Fitzgerald's '50 Feet from Syria' continues International broadcasts. Current national broadcast territories include US, Canada, Brazil, Austria, Israel, Slovenia, UAB and several middle eastern territories currently under negotiation!

Feb 18, 2017

Skye Fitzgerald's '50 Feet from Syria plays at Frozen River Film Festival!  

Atlanta screening of 50 Feet with Telluride Mountainfilm ATL.

Nobel Peace Center screening and panel discussion in Oslo featuring 50 Feet from Syria.

50 Feet from Syria plays in Scotland at the Human Rights Film Festival!

50 Feet from Syria plays at Eastern Oregon Film Festival...

50 Feet from Syria plays Wheeler Opera House in Aspen!

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Skye Fitzgerald



is now available on our educational site



Skye Fitzgerald
NPR- The Takeaway - Hisham Bismar Interview


Hisham Bismar, profiled in the film is featured on NPR's national show The Takeaway.

Listen Here:

Dec. 14th 2015



Skye Fitzgerald
Skye Fitzgerald


50 Feet From Syria

Voted onto Oscar Shortlist

October 26, 2015



Members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences voted 50 Feet From Syria onto the 10 film shortlist in the Documentary Shorts category today. 



interviews Dr. Hisham Bismar from the Oscar shortlisted film 50 FEET FROM SYRIA



Skye Fitzgerald


50 Feet From Syria

Slated for Canadian premiere


Skye Fitzgerald

The documentary film 50 Feet From Syria will screen at the Syrian Film Festival in Toronto on November 14th 2015

Skye Fitzgerald
Interview with Hisham - 50 Feet From Syria


Dr. Hisham Bismar, featured in the film, is interviewed on OPB's Think Out Loud Program



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